Under The Shadow

Dir: Babak Anvari
BAFTA for Outstanding Debut - 2017


Dir: Benedict Andrews
(Rooney Mara, Ben Mendelsohn)

Killers Anonymous

Dir: Martin Owen
(Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba)



Mai Kino

The Waves

Swarosvki by Fiona

The Virgin Mary Christmas Party

Britannia: Season 1

Amazon Prime


Channel 4


A freelance Colourist, was raised in the sunny coast of Algarve, studied and worked in Lisbon, and is currently based in London. A visual perfectionist, hard worker and emotional explorer, he spends his time across Europe, where he has been involved in a variety of artistic and commercial projects, awarded and recognised in festivals worldwide including BAFTA, Cannes, Sundance and Berlinale.